Nightfall: Rising Evil

It is the end of a golden age, though the people of the world do not yet realize. The arch-mages who guard this world from the evils of the outer planes have grown lax, and a few have slipped past their fingers.

An evil, powerful and old has risen in the 7 Kingdoms and begins to put its plans in motion
A horrifying monster, begins to awaken in the Dwarven Holds and its minions roam wild once more
The 10 walk again, though their purpose is unknown, lost in the centuries
The people of snake scale archipelago begin to enact a plot slowly created over centuries
The Abyss flees from the power of the Nine Hells and demons begin to enter this world in greater numbers than ever before.

Can the heroes stop the evils? Or find the source of the darkness?

Note: There is more than one campaign in the world of Kalmdar, and they may interact with each other but are ultimately separate groups operating in the same world.